Places to Go

In my webpage, I will be talking about some of the places i’ve been to and would recommend you going as well!


I’ve been to Bali multiple times and I think it is an amazing place to go when you need rest. The place where I stayed was very peaceful and relaxing. I got to read by the pool and swim when I wanted to.


From my experience in Vancouver, I also think it’s a beautiful place where many people go for a relaxing trip. The homes are really cosy and beautiful and I had a very good time biking around my neighborhood looking at houses.


Phuket is an island in Thailand. I’ve visited Phuket multiple times during Winter break and I think It is also a very nice place. The beaches I’ve been to were very clean and fresh. I always loved surfing on the beaches in Phuket. So I am looking forward to going once Corona ends.

Los Angeles

Honestly, LA is a very busy city. It can be very messy and just all over the place but the city is gorgeous. I’ve seen really nice sunsets and views and I hope to go there again!


Japan is very pretty when you come during the Spring time because the blossoms are really appealing. I’ve been to Japan also for skiing and the ski slopes are very fun with a maze path.